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At 89Petals, you can choose to send flowers on a one-off basis or choose the Annual Gift Subscription, which will allow you to organise flowers to be sent to your loved ones for events that occur annually.

We believe our FAQ's are pretty thorough. However, if you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us via email (contact@89petals.co.uk) or via Facebook messenger or twitter message.

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Is there a subscription fee?

When does my subscription expire?

Are there any minimum contract periods for subscriptions?

Can I cancel my subscription or leave at any time?

Shipment and delivery

Where do we deliver?

How much is delivery?

How are the flowers packaged?

Who delivers the flowers?

When will the flowers arrive?

How long does delivery take?

Are shipments tracked?

What happens if the person is not home when the flowers are delivered?

What happens if the flowers are delivered late?

How do we ensure that the shipping address is up to date?

Can a shipping address be changed after goods have been shipped?


How much are the flowers?

What payment methods are accepted?

Are payments and card information secure?

When do I get charged?

Will you warn me before I am charged?

What happens if my credit card fails?

Refer a friend program

How do I refer a friend?

How does my friend sign up?

How do I earn credits?

Is there a maximum number of credits?

Is there a maximum number of friends I can invite?

What if my friend forgot to use my link?

The flowers

How many different types of flowers are offered?

Where are the flowers prepared?

Who prepares the flowers?

Where are the flowers sourced from?

What happens if some flowers are not available?

What are letterbox flowers?

How are the flowers packed?

How are flowers protected?

Why are some flowers all closed and green?

What is the best way to care for Flowers?

Managing Subscriptions