We want you to get as much life and joy out of your bouquets as possible, so follow Megan's easy guide to make your petals last beyond their time… 


  1. First of all, the vase has to be immaculately clean as this will help extend the life of your flowers. Run your vase through a dishwasher or rinse with a small amount of bleach to ensure there’s no dust left from being stored in the cupboard or bacteria residue from its last use. Any bacteria will shorten the life of your new blooms.

  2. Carefully unwrap your stems. Remove any leaves that will sit beneath the water line so you only have clear stems standing in the water.

  3. Cut off two inches from the stem and trim at a sharp angle. Don’t cut them straight, as an angled cut will give a larger surface area so they can soak up more water.

  4. Ensure your flowers are out of direct sunlight and not near a heat source, such as a radiator, microwave or oven. Stand them in a cool place; the cooler the better as this will help them last longer, however not by a cold draught. Also don’t place near ripening fruit as this will speed up the ripening process of the flowers too.

  5. Change the water every couple of days. Again this helps increase their longevity.

  6. As the flowers age, remove anything that looks sad and like it is ‘turning’. Take out any bits of foliage or buds that are wilting to help your other flowers last that wee bit longer.

And that’s it. Your perfectly simple care guide for happy, pert petals. 

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