Below we've tried to answer as many  frequently asked questions as we can, in order to make your order process as quick and easy as possible.

If you still have a question, head to our contact us page .



What is 89 Petals?

89 Petals offers you the chance to buy seasonal, designer bouquets online. We offer three services: 

  • The Perfect Gift : Treat someone special to one of our three stunning designer bouquets as a one-off gift.
  • Gift to Remember : Go one step further, and gift 3, 6 or 12 surprise bouquets, arriving fortnightly.
  • Treat Yourself : Enjoy surprise designer bouquets delivered to your door, either fortnightly, monthly or every two months for as long as you wish, as a special treat for you – quite simply because you deserve it.


What is the Perfect Gift?

We've got three designer bouquets available, so pick the blooms you think your friend will love, select your preferred delivery date and we will ensure their safe arrival.

The Perfect Gift bouquets come with a card so you can write a personal message. You can amend or cancel your order up to three working days prior to delivery. Order before 2pm for guaranteed next day delivery.


What is Gift to Remember?

Our Gift to Remember is a floral gift subscription for your friend or loved one. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Select if you’d like to send your special someone 3, 6 or 12 bouquets.

You can choose their first bouquet from one of our three exquisite designs, and from then on they will receive a seasonal surprise every fortnight, arriving Fridays, until all their bouquets have been delivered.

If the recipient is going away they can simply email us at to skip their order.


What is Treat Yourself?

Our Treat Yourself package is a floral subscription for yourself, quite simply because you deserve it.

Select if you would like your bouquets delivered fortnightly, monthly or every two months, arriving Fridays. Every bouquet will be a seasonal surprise but we guarantee it will be quirky, unique and of course, fresh.

Via your personal online account , you are able to skip your delivery and amend the delivery address up to three days before it is due to arrive (Monday midnight), and you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel three days or less before your next delivery is due, your flowers will be sent and you will be charged for that final bouquet.


How often will my bouquets be delivered?

Perfect Gift bouquets are delivered on your chosen date. You can amend the delivery at least three days prior to arrival.

Gift to Remember bouquets will be delivered every two weeks, arriving Fridays, however you can choose the date their first bouquet arrives. You can amend your delivery by email us at .

Treat Yourself bouquets can be delivered fortnightly, monthly or every two months, arriving Fridays. You can amend your delivery via your personal online account  at least three days before it arrives.


Do I see my bouquet before it arrives? 

When ordering a one-off Perfect Gift, you can pick from one of our three designer bouquets.

When ordering a Gift to Remember subscription, you can choose the first bouquet, and from then on they will receive one of our unique in-season arrangements.

All Treat Yourself bouquets are surprise seasonal blooms created by our in-house floral designer, Megan, which we guarantee to be unique and quirky.


Can I cancel my subscription? 

Treat Yourself subscriptions are automatically charged two days before each bouquet is shipped. You can cancel this subscription at any time, at least three days before your next delivery is due.

Gift to Remember subscriptions are paid in advance for the total number of bouquets you wish to send. Therefore, this cannot be cancelled.  


What shall I do if I am going away?

Don’t worry; your petals won’t be left to perish. Both subscriptions can be skipped at least three days before your next bouquet is due.

Gift to Remember subscriptions can be skipped via email us at .

Treat Yourself subscriptions can be skipped via your personal online account .


How much do my flowers cost?

Our bouquets start from £29. We accept all major debit and credit cards.

The Perfect Gift and Gift to Remember payments are both taken up front when ordering.

With Treat Yourself, the first payment is taken upon ordering, and all subsequent payments are taken two days before we ship your next bouquet.


How much is delivery?

Delivery is FREE when you order from 89 Petals!

Deliveries arrive via award-winning DPD to ensure the safe arrival of your blooms. You can track and amend your delivery options via the DPD app, so we recommend downloading it for a smooth service.

We deliver to all mainland UK addresses, except Northern Island, Channel Islands and Scottish highlands. Watch this space in 2018 for international deliveries.


How are my petals prepared?

Our bouquets are quirky, seasonal and unique, and that’s thanks to our fabulous in-house florist Megan.

We pride ourselves on sourcing British homegrown seasonal blooms wherever possible. Each bouquet is lovingly prepared by hand in Lincolnshire, Britain’s flower heartland. We take fresh flowers from the farm and deliver them to your door to ensure long-lasting, quality fresh petals.

Your flowers don't sit in wholesale warehouses or florist shops, which means no half-aged flowers by the time they reach your home.

Some flowers may still be closed, which means you get the joy of watching them bloom and your bouquet lasts that much longer.


How are my flowers packaged?

Your petals arrive wrapped in brown eco-friendly paper and hand-tied with a black ribbon. They are then placed in a purpose-made box to ensure your stems are in perfect condition on arrival.


My flowers haven’t arrived. What shall I do?

Oh petals! We are so sorry your bouquet seems to be missing.

Firstly, we suggest tracking your order via DPD if you’ve not done so already. You can do this on their website or using their app.

However, if your flowers still do not arrive, please email us at and we will check your account. If your bouquet is missing, we will of course refund you.

If you did not amend your delivery address before the minimum three days required, and it’s been delivered to the wrong address, then we are unable to refund you.


My flowers are damaged. Can you help?

We are so sorry to hear your petals are not perfect. We do all we can to ensure all of our bouquets arrive safely and looking as pretty as they left us. 

Please send us some photos of your damaged bouquet to our email at and we will contact you with information regards a reimbursement.


How do I care for my flowers?

Use an immaculately clean vase and cut off two inches from each stem on an acute angle using sharp scissors. Then remove any leaves that will sit below the waterline.

Fill the vase with cool water and add the flower food we’ve provided.

Place the flowers in the vase and position your arrangement in a cool location, out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources such as radiators and microwaves. Also keep away from ripening fruit.

Change the water every couple of days, and remove anything that starts to look a bit sad and withered to help the other stems last that bit longer.

You can read more flower care tips and floral inspiration via our online blog.  


I’ve still got more questions…

That’s fine. We are more than happy to help with any other queries you may have. Simply email us at or send us a message via LiveChat or Messenger.