Always expect something you have never seen before

Traditional and normal are words we don’t use very often at 89 Petals. We have thrown the traditional floral rulebook out the window…no boundaries and no convention. We treat floral design more like a science experiment, blending the naturally occurring colours, shapes. We experiment with unique stems that you rarely see with other florists, and definitely not at a supermarket.

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Quality and freshness guaranteed

We don’t offer hundreds of different bouquets that you have seen before. One new bouquet every two weeks. Our heart and soul go in to every bouquet, trying hundreds of combinations along the way. We are not happy until we come with blooms that are truly special and original. The best quality petals, creatively curated every time.

Surprise, surprise.

And at 89 Petals we truly believe in the surprise factor. Is there anything better than receiving a new bouquet of flowers that will truly surprise you every time? And isn’t a surprise floral gift, the best gift ever? It’s scientifically proven that flowers make you happy and that flowers in a living area instantly brightens people's moods. And a surprise bouquet - well that has an extra dash of happiness.

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