Our Story



Husband and wife, Mike and Clio, are behind the 89 Petals concept. As a flower lover, Clio craved truly original and daring bouquets using seasonal flowers at an affordable price. And who doesn’t? 


Together with Megan, an accomplished floral designer, they created 89 Petals. Megan puts her thought, passion and creativity into producing a new and quirky bouquet design every two weeks, so you never receive the same bouquet twice.

Our bold style of floristry celebrates the natural curves, kinks and colours of all blooms in daring and quirky combinations. We have thrown the traditional rule book out of the window to bring unique and distinctive seasonal bouquets to British homes, which cannot be found anywhere else.


We pride ourselves on sourcing home-grown British flowers wherever possible, and use flowers straight from the farm to deliver long-lasting, quality fresh petals. Each bouquet is lovingly prepared by hand in Lincolnshire, Britain’s flower heartland.


89 Petals offers floral subscriptions for you, simply because you deserve it, as well as floral gift subscriptions and one-off bouquets so you can share the happiness with others. 


And that, in a seed, is how 89 Petals began.

But why 89 Petals, we hear you ask?


One of the most amounts of seed spirals found on a hypnotic sunflower face is 89, following the Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci is a naturally-occurring numerical sequence shaping the patterns of life, from architecture to artwork, pineapples to pinecones. To top it off, sunflowers are Mike’s favourite bloom and he is our number wizard. Hence, 89 Petals. Clio, on the other hand dislikes anything yellow, especially sunflowers. Marital bliss at its finest!