Introducing the four behind-the-scenes people who, together, joined forces to create what is now the wonderful world of 89 Petals. Pulling together all of our expertise, from social to sunflowers, analytics to amaryllis and words to wisteria, we found the perfect mix to deliver the best flowers, provide the best service and bring out the best you.



Meet Clio.

Clio is a busy mother of three who still finds the brain space to bring the ideas, concepts, flair and decision-making to 89 Petals. When Clio isn’t knee-deep in Playmobil or staring at logos, she is working on 89 Petals in order to bring the nicest and most original bouquet to homes in the UK. She loves subscription, as she truly believes it can make your life less stressful. Hence her idea of flowers on subscription. 

Meet Megan. 

Megan is the face of Megan Lily Flowers and is the floral mastermind behind all of our designer bouquets at 89 Petals, adding a touch of uniqueness and beauty to homes across the nation. Megan works from her garden ‘shed’ to create eye-catching blooms and boasts Florist of the Year 2013 finalist to her credentials. Not to mention being an exceptionally sought-after bridal florist for stunning wedding bouquets and arrangements. Her floral feel is natural and loose, not manipulating the flowers too much. And while she does enjoy a colour pop, she is drawn to more subtle hues. She is also a busy mummy to her young daughter.

Meet Laura. 

Laura is responsible for all the words and fab reads that come to you from 89 Petals. Having written for well-known magazines and websites on beautiful lifestyle subjects, Laura definitely loves all the pretty things in life. And who can blame her with a professional rugby husband and two energetic boys. Flowers, candles, baths and anything beautiful are her escape from all the testosterone, and a long run to vent her annoyance of a typo (the typo that sent her marathon running must have been bad!).

Meet Mike. 

Mike is the token male in the team. He leaves all the flowery, creative work to his female colleagues and sorts the finance, administration and logistics. When he’s not taking care of the kids, he can be found in front of a spreadsheet. He loves sunflowers, but is acutely aware he doesn’t have the final say so in anything (cue wife, Clio). And given Clio doesn’t like sunflowers or anything yellow, he basically never has them.

So that right there is your team who bring you 89 Petals.


A varied and motley crew, but all with one common goal; to bring you a touch of happiness and luxury through our designer bouquets, so you feel just that little bit special. Quite simply, because you deserve it.


Together we want to bring happiness to homes across the nation, as we know that everyone is deserving of just a special little something to make life that bit more enjoyable.


If you have anything you’d like to suggest or comment on to any of our team, then please get in touch via email on